Beginner DJ - Vinyl, CD Or MP3?

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There are many types of DJ roles out there, from DJ's that specialize in mobile work; taking a rig along with them consisting of a PA system and a light show to events like weddings, birthday parties and special events, to club DJ's that get hired by a venue to perform on a regular basis. Whatever role you decide to choose, being a DJ is a very fun job with plenty of opportunities and experiences that you may have never witnessed before, not to mention the amazing social life that comes with being a DJ. The fundamental factor that a beginner DJ should think about before anything else is how you will be creating the music.

There are three main approaches, vinyl turntables, CD players or digital software. Each come with their own advantages and disadvantages but a lot of it comes down to personal taste. Going back to the form of roles as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, a mobile DJ would more likely choose to play his music using digital MP3 files with combined software on a laptop or desktop PC, or use a collection of CD's. Why? A collection of 10 tracks can easily fit on a flash drive, converted to MP3 files that can be played using a majority of software on a laptop. Those 10 tracks could also be burned onto a blank CD to be played on a CD player.

Vinyls on the other hand weigh much more than both a CD and a flash stick making it inconvenient when the average DJ has over 10,000 tracks to his disposal. It would make sense for a club DJ to use vinyls as the majority of the time, the equipment that he would need to use would permanently be at the club. He would have to bring his own vinyls to each gig, but for a mobile DJ to do this, as well as the speakers, amplifiers, mixers, stands and other equipment a mobile DJ needs, would be highly inconvenient.

On a personal view for any beginner DJ, I would recommend either CD's or MP3 audio files as the choice of audio production at this point. Not only are they much more convenient to take around and use, they are both easily interchangeable. Anyone can burn an MP3 file onto a CD, just like anyone can rip a track on a CD to an MP3 file. To turn an MP3 or CD track into vinyl is a much more advanced process that also costs a lot in financial terms.

As an experienced DJ, I would recommend deciding how you are going to produce your audio before you move onto anything more. This is your first step as a beginner DJ, and so be sure to research each type thoroughly. Once you have picked the method of producing your audio, it is very hard to change without spending a lot of unnecessary time and money converting.

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Beginner DJ - Vinyl, CD Or MP3?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29