The Sunglasses Mp3 Player Is The Cool Electronic Gadget

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As every person will know that, mp3 player are totally wide used in the global, from city to suburban, from elder and men to younger and women. No person would reject the charming of the beautiful music; of course the mp3 player is the same thing for us. In the market there are different kinds of the mp3 players such as: watch mp3 player, sport mp3 player, and the other shapes of the mp3 player. Here, we just talk about the sunglasses mp3 player which is the cool electronic gadget for us to wear. It is very cool product with the good sunglasses appearance and the wonderful mp3 player functions.
Do you think it is amazing? Nobody can know you are listening to your favorite music as you are wearing a pair of cool sunglasses. In this article I will recommend you some sunglasses mp3 player with camera function or the Bluetooth function or the other functions. And if you consider they are good, you can introduce this cool gadget to your friends as the mp3 player or the special sunglasses.
The 2GB sunglasses 1.3MP camera DVR video recorder mp3 player: there is a built in camera and DVR in this stylish sunglasses and the quality Polaroid lens is from the brand makers. It has the user friendly operation for easy control.
The 2GB sunglasses 1.3MPcamera DVR video recorder MP3 player with scalable earphones: This stylish sunglass also has a built in camera and DVR. At the same time, it has the user friendly operation button for easy control. You can use the built in 2GB memory with extended memory for as long as 5 hours video recording. The recording speed is about 25fps. It has the easy connection with PC/Laptops; no driver is needed for us.
The Bluetooth sunglasses with 2GB mp3 player----Bluetooth V1.2: the product is the brand new digital Bluetooth v1.2 sunglasses with mp3 player. The digital formats support the mp3 and WMA. The earphones type is the binaural MFR estimated and has the external hard drive function. It at the same time is no need U disk drive. It has the stylish, compact and unique appearance and design. In addition, the high quality fits for wearing out-going or sports. It can filter out 100-percent of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light, maximum protection against sun, wind and side impact.
The 2GB sunglasses mp3 player + FM + REC: it can come with the full autosearching FM radio. Therefore, you can be able to listen to the wonderful FM programs you love very much whenever and wherever you want. As it has the A-B repeat reading function, it can help you rock your ear for many times you can do which includes the inner and outer recorder. It has the U disk without drive above WIN98 system. The top class polarizing lens can install optical lens in the same time and what is more, it can continuously work for over 10 hours. It can repeat the downloading music and support mp3 and WMA or other music format and so on.

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The Sunglasses Mp3 Player Is The Cool Electronic Gadget

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This article was published on 2010/10/19