Things to Keep in Mind When Buying MP3 Player Speakers

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You like the fact that your MP3 player is portable, but you can't share the music. The only solution is MP3 player speakers. But, which ones are best? Should you try to find a docking station or go with portable speakers or even buy both? Is it possible to buy any of these things? Hopefully this article will help you make you decision by answering all of these questions for you.

MP3 Docking Stations

The advantage of an MP3 docking station is that you can charge your MP3 while having speakers available to you. For those of you who have a system other than an iPod, most MP3 player speaker docking systems will not work. That means you will need to have a separate plug for the MP3 player and another for the speakers, so that you can charge and play through the speaker system at the same time. Other than that little annoyance there is a large selection of speakers for MP3 players. The use of Bluetooth almost makes a docking station obsolete.

The Best Speakers For MP3 Players

Here are some of the best speakers for your MP3 player. The big difference is the number of channels, watts per channel, and separate subwoofers.

BoomTube H201

The BoomTube H201 speakers have separate subwoofers, 3 channels, and 12 watts per channel and cost about 100 U.S. dollars.

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System

The SoundDock Digital Music System from Bose provides only 2 channels, 12 watts and no subwoofers, but this system has the highest sound quality of any MP3 speakers on the market. This system will cost you $200(U.S.)

Harman/Kardon SoundSticks II

Three channels, separate subwoofers and 10 watts per channel gives this set of MP3 player speakers a really good sound for about $170(U.S.).

These are not all of the MP3 player speakers on the market today, but these seem to have some of the best sound for what you pay. They may not sound like a full sized stereo system, but they are exceptional for portable MP3 player speakers.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying MP3 Player Speakers

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This article was published on 2010/04/29